Whether you run a birth center or a home birth practice, Birth Center by Design provides individualized coaching, consulting and mentoring to help you determine and achieve your business goals.

Customized packages are available that include:

Imaging, Website Development & Online Presence Support
Suzanne offers an all in one solution that offers personal branding and imaging assistance for your birth center practice. Her designs are not only visually stunning and inviting - they are also smart, intuitive and easy to navigate, She will help you attract more clients, make more money, and enjoy the benefits of a thriving business. View online Portfolio. Some areas of support she offers are:

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call Suzanne at (310) 433-8776 or email suzanne@birthcenterbydesign.com  top

Business & Operational Development
Constance offers coaching to both aspiring and established birth center owners as well as home birth midwifery practices. She assists in business development from visioning, to writing business plans, to team building that will enhance your operations and marketing while creating new business opportunities. With her 20 years of midwifery experience, Constance understands the heart centered values and beliefs of midwives and works with these values to support you in balancing financial success with being of service and making a profound difference for the families you serve. Some areas of support she offers are:

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, email Constance at constance@birthcenterbydesign.com  top

Interior Design
Deb offers professional architectural /interior design services tailored to your free standing birth center. Her background as a midwife gives her a profound understanding of the unique needs of effective birth space.  She will  work with you to discover and define your design expression. Together we will create the perfect space for your clients birth experience. Some areas of support she offers are:


For additional information or to schedule an appointment, email Deb at deb@birthcenterbydesign.com  top


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